Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random ASL-ery

Interesting times a-happening:

1.) My daughter, Meagan, has decided at the precocious age of 9 (she'll be 10 in December), that I "need to teach her to play ASL, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!" I've started running her through Chapter K slowly. To my surprise and delight, if I go slow enough, she's actually picking it up. Who knows, I might develop a "for real" ASL opponent here local that wants to play often...and I get to bond with my daughter at the same time. LOTS of up-side.

2.) Having made yet another "ASL friend" in Spencer Armstrong, I've got a VASL game lined up for over Thanksgiving Break. 4-Day weekend = 3 days for family + 1 day for ASL. Everybody wins! Additionally, I'm going to have him walk me through a PBEM game. I figure with the small timeframe that it takes to build a log file (or portion thereof) and the small amount of time I actually seem to be able to put towards ASL on a regular basis, that it would be a match made in heaven (until circumstances change). Good times.

3.) Yet another guy that is tops is Chris Doary, the proprietor of ASL BattleSchool. This is one of the crispest, most well put-together blogs for ASL I have seen yet. He also runs a raffle every month for blog subscribers. This month, some poor schmuck in Lubbock, TX won (me). Take includes 4 precision BattleSchool custom dice and a $20 gift certificate to the site's store, KitShop. I find it incredible that the members of our community can do things like this. I have been in others where although the people were great, they were not nearly this generous. So many (like Chris) contribute blood, sweat, tears, time and no small amount of money to this hobby to keep it alive. Not everyone can be a Curt Schilling, but the smaller contributions to the community, like BattleSchool, are both humbling and appreciated. They make ME want to continue contributing and to contribute more.

Hopefully, this doesn't sound sappy, because it's not how it's meant. I just am continually grateful to have met the people I have and found this hobby/community. For all our quirks, we really have some of the nicest people I've met yet.


Ian said...

Congrats on the dice, Chris is a real stand up guy he ran a new player tell me your story for a chance to win dice thing on gamesquad. He ended up giving a pair away to all the entrants, one of which was my nephew who loves to use them, hope yours roll as good for you as they do him.

As for one of the most crisp, I would say it is the MOST crisp of all ASL blogs. I'm rather green with envy.

Good luck with your daughter and Spencer is a top guy.

Josh said...

As far as content goes, while he's in development of the BS System, I'd say it's pretty lean (except for reviews). I enjoy your AAR's a whole bunch. Some of the best I've read.

Best wishes.


Wolkster said...

Josh, many times the 4 dice you will receive will be three colored and one white die. I suggest you use the $20 gift cert to buy a couple more white dice to match up with the colored ones, so you’ll have some sets to share with your opponents (daughter).