Friday, March 27, 2009

New ASL Resource

For those of you that are active on LinkedIn, I have created an ASL group called "Advanced Squad Leaders" as kind of an ASL networking tool. This is a private group so any of you worried about "non-professionalism" on your profile can stop worrying. According to LinkedIn, only fellow members will see your association with this group. The group can be found here. Was just working on my profile and was told you can do this. There wasn't a group already, so I made one.

My idea for this group was that if there can be networking for professional societies, companies, and alumni, why not for those of us that share the same hobby. Everything I have seen myself and heard from others is that we're a bunch of great people to get to know and willing to help people out when we can. Perhaps with the US/world economy (particularly the US) in question, perhaps we can band together to help with jobs and professional topics as well. And if some ASL actually gets discussed here....when is that EVER a bad thing?

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